Friday, March 18, 2011

This Administration

This Administration March 17, 2011
I’m old enough to remember Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Clinton, Reagan, the Bushes (father and son), and now Obama. Of all the corrupt, inept and worthless regimes of the past none is more gutless, contemptible and spineless than the present one.
What has this administration brought us? An attempt to pawn off on the public a grand scheme for socialized medicine; an insurmountable debt of $14.8 trillion; unemployment levels stretching toward Great Depression levels; a housing market crash; an anemic economy.
This administration is arrogant. This administration acts entitled to live off the largesse of our nation while once proud America is plummeting into an abyss of arrears that are irrecoverable. This administration is arrogant. This administration hobnobs with celebrities—movie stars, rock band members, the elite-of-the-elite; while millions of Americans cannot afford the mortgage on their homes. This administration’s words of service are vain and self-serving. This administration doesn’t know the meaning of sacrifice. The First Lady gorges on gourmet meals while millions of our citizens are struggling to feed their families a store brand mac ‘n cheese dinner. Furthermore, this administration is levying more taxes on an already over-taxed working class. This administration has the unmitigated temerity to ask us to accede to more expenditures for entitlement programs.
This administration gives its people platitudes, nodding of the head, and says all the right words but offers no real solutions to multiplying challenges. This administration does absolutely nothing to alleviate crises at home and abroad.
This administration cannot be trusted to keep its word to allies and proffers empty threats to foes. This administration lacks courage.
Case in point: While Libyans responded to years of suppression and oppression under Moammar Gadhafi protested peacefully for the tyrant’s removal, the U.S. remained mostly silent in the early days of the uprising. Later, even as 100s, perhaps 1,000s were being massacred by Gadhafi forces this administration sat back and waited for countries like France and Spain to advocate for the beleaguered Libyans. Clearly, this administration has lost the right to rule a free people when Libyans “yearning to breathe free” asked for a particle of help and hope, they were ignored by this administration. Now, with the strongman almost assuredly gaining the upper hand in Libya and further atrocities on the horizon for the Libyan freedom fighters seems inevitable, this administration jaunts off to Rio de Janeiro, undoubtedly a city that needs the wisdom of our Dear Leader.



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