Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Plitz Platz Zoo

What would you do if I said to you
Come with me to the Plitz Platz Zoo?
There’s so many things to see and to do
So many things that are obviously new—
The crue and zubru, the gurfu and of course the pleu
The last is a creature that’s pleasant to view
Not many left of their species today
Some think that the pleu has stripes like a tiger
But really the pleu looks a lot like a phlyger
Without wings, though.
It can dance on a pin
Then run and fall down
And go for a spin—around and around.
So hop on my cycle and away we will go
We’ll go to the Plitz Platz Zoo, hooray
For there’s plenty to see
(A zippity-dee)
At the Plitz Platz Zoo for you and for me!



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