Sunday, April 25, 2010

Toodle Dee, Toodle Dum, Toodle Toodle Dee Dum

Dreamer with no skills that anyone would want
I’ve been up that mountain;
Fallen down that valley
Who’s mind do you think you’re foolin’?
There’s nothin’ you can do to dig your way up there
You’ve tried to be what you are not
Now what?
Now what ya gonna do
Up on the mountain with that stone?
Gonna write like there’s no tomorrow
Gonna write a tune or two
That everyone will want to hear
And everyone will hum
A toodle dee, a toodle dum, a toodle toodle dee dum
The tune is old and worn a bit
And no one cares about it
There’s nothing you can do to change it
The waves that were nostalgia
Are no more
But are washed away by tides
You’d never ‘fore imagined


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