Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Heart Sings a Song

I have come to the place
Where my heart sings a song
Not of wealth, not of health
But of love

For the Father above
Beckons all who will come
To receive from his hands
Won’drous grace

Long ago, you may know
Jesus came to the earth
As a man in the flesh
Yet was God

Walking long dusty roads
With his followers close
He revealed ageless Truth
To them all

Then one day in his prime
He surrendered his will
To the purpose of God
Thus to die

Though he hung on a tree
Forsaken and alone
By his closest of friends
He was glad

From the earth’s foundations
It was Abba’s purpose
That Jesus’ life would end
On a cross

Now brothers and sisters
May your heart sing a song
Not of wealth, not of health
But of love

You are bought with a price
Precious blood of the Lamb
God’s one and only Son
So rejoice!

Written June 3, 2009 by Larry P. Langley


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