Saturday, October 02, 2004


Some of us find our way easily enough. There are few obstructions, barriers, or sidetracks. However, there are plenty of people who, through the maze of life, discover that the paths chosen earlier, are at best, unsuitable. We backup. We take another way, only to find that it is a deadend. But then, somewhere between the wide blue heavens and the deep sea, a way opens for us and we experience an "Aha!" moment. Perhaps we experience more than one, and that makes all the difference in what we choose to be or do.
The "Aha!" moment may come through a friend, a spouse, or someone we barely know; however, the moment comes. Sometimes we read something or hear something that inspires and encourages us to seek a new way of looking at life. When this happens we are set anew on a continuing journey. Our spirit is renewed. We have a new purpose in our being is ignited. There is fire inside! We exult in it. For days, maybe even weeks, or longer we are led on by this new purpose. We see the goal. Although we may encounter opposition, we are not deterred from our focus. We no longer hear the voices of the past that have told us, "You can't do that!" No, we know, without a doubt, that there is something good ahead of us. We continue undaunted by the obstacles that may lie ahead. Then one day we see the goal for which we have strived is in sight. Whether there are cheering crowds on the sidelines, or a few faithful friends that have encouraged us along the way, we continue running the race until we cross the finish line. It is then that we realize all of the hard work and disappointments we may have encountered have been worth all of our energies. The applause of multitudes may be me missing, but we have the satisfaction in knowing that we have finished the course without wavering.
It is my hope that those who read this blog will be encouraged to keep on keeping on. Whatever you have set your heart and mind to accomplish, don't give up or give in. The goal is closer than you think.


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